Bikram Yoga changed my life. Having had a very low fitness level, I was able to complete most of the postures in the very first class, but also... see all

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The Bikram Yoga College of India, Northville location completed construction in 2010.  Our brand new spa-like atmosphere facility was built using hand selected state of the art materials.  We have also included spectacular details high lighting Bikram Yoga.  We hope you are able to enjoy all aspects of the facility as much as we do!

Yoga Etiquette

Please review the following to ensure courteousness to all students practicing

Before Class:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled class time
  • Remove shoes and leave them on the shelving
  • Scan your key card at the front desk
  • Turn off cell phones and leave them in the change rooms
  • Have clean feet
  • Do not wear perfume, cologne or heavily scented lotions

During Class

  • Listen carefully to all instructions, if you try the right way you will receive all of the benefits of the posture
  • Do your best to stay in the room.  If an emergency requires you to leave the room, please try to leave and re-enter between postures
  • Practice stillness between postures
  • Focus on yourself in the mirror

After Class

  • Observe silence after final savasana
  • Leave the room quietly
  • If you rented a mat or towel please place them in the hampers in the locker rooms
  • Return to practice within 24 hours of your first class, your body systems receive 2-3 times the nourishment and healing they did in the first class, each class builds exponentially on the next
  • Enjoy the peace and energy you have created

Massage Room

Our massage room is a quiet and comfortable environment which allows you to relax and find tranquility.  Inside this room you will immediately feel warmth and relief.  Our Massage Therapists individualize your session to provide you with the best services to meet your needs.

Bikram Yoga
122 MainCentre
Northville, MI


Memorial Weekend Schedule

Friday - 8:00am /Hot60, 10:00am /Yin90, 12:30pm /Hot60, 4:30pm /Hot90
Saturday - 8:00am /Hot90, 10:00am /Hot60, 12:30pm /Hot90
Sunday - 8:00am /Hot90, 10:00am /Hot90, 12:30pm /Yin90
Monday - 8:00am /Hot90, 10:00am /Yin90, 12:30pm /Hot60



Class schedule! 



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